ADUK/ACW Local Authority Arts Investment & Partnership Survey 2016/17
In summer 2016 Arts Development UK (ADUK) undertook its 13th annual local authority spending survey to assess the level of arts spending forecast for 2016/17. The survey has enabled a comparison of past trends and focused on relevant contemporary concerns, such as financial issues, priority targets, partnerships and the relationship with other bodies including the Arts Councils in England and Wales. Responses to the 2016 survey reveal a challenging picture of the arts in local communities:

The full report is available via

The Leading Learning Programme Summative Evaluation of Year Six

This report provides a summative account of the sixth year of the National Leisure and Culture Forum’s Leading Learning Programme. The evaluation for the Leading Learning Programme has three aims:
assessment of the LLP model; assessment of the impact of LLP on participants; and the review the operational management of LLP. The methodology comprises two surveys, documentation provided by the course director (equalities data, residency schedules), correspondence and reports.
• Download The Leading Learning Programme Summative Evaluation of Year Six [pdf]

The Leading Learning Programme: the First Five Years
The Leading Learning Programme has helped more than 100 cultural leaders develop a strategic and political perspective, leading to better decision-making and more efficient use of resources, according to a review of the programme’s first five years. The Leading Learning Programme: Review of the First Five Years, written by Melita Armitage, explains the context for development of the programme and explores the benefits derived by the individuals taking part, the organisations that employ them and the communities on whose behalf they work.
• Download Leading Learning Highlights from the first five years final [pdf]
• Download The Leading Learning Programme: Review of the First Five Years [pdf]

The Role of Culture and Sport in Reducing Crime and
Anti-social Behaviour

The Chief Cultural and Leisure Officers Association (CLOA) is proposing a rethink at local level to prevent offending and, in times of austerity, investing in prevention more creatively. The CLOA document, The Role of Culture and Sport in Reducing Crime and Anti-social Behaviour, offers a number of preventative options for decision-makers to use the creative, cultural and sporting sectors to engage young people.
Download document [pdf]

ImagineNation: the Case for Cultural Learning
Leaders from across the culture sector have added their voices to make a powerful case for the value of cultural learning. This new doument published by the Cultural Learning Alliance sets out new principles and definitions alongside the compelling reasons why cultural learning is and should be central to the lives of children and young people. ImagineNation "includes key statistics, facts, quotes and evidence which you can use to make your own arguments to colleagues and policy-makers across the learning and cultural worlds".
Visit to download the document

CLOA: facing the future
Article by Richard Hunt, chair of CLOA, about the future of the sport, leisure and culture sector, and the future of CLOA as an organisation.
Link to Leisure Management article

Understanding the political culture and context – a key role for the cultural leader

Article for Arts Professional, July 2011 by Sue Isherwood, NCF Leading Learning Programme director
Download document [pdf]

The Leading Learning Programme: Cultural and Sporting Leadership for Local Government
Article for Municipal Journal, July 2011 by Sue Isherwood, NCF Leading Learning Programme director
Download document [pdf]

Evaluation of the Leading Learning Programme now available
An evaluation of the second year of the NCF Leading Learning Programme, compiled by Melita Armitage, is now available. The report explores the impact of the programme, the first of its kind to specifically target cultural leaders, and offers conclusions on the impact on participants and their careers.
Download NCF Leading Learning Programme Evaluation:
Summative report for the first year of the programme, 20009/10. [Pdf]

Download NCF Year 2 Quotations document, 2009/10 [Pdf]

Culture Shock
A pamphlet by Samuel Jones published by Demos that presents a new understanding and some provocative vision for the future of sport and culture within government.
Download the pdf

Resilient Organisations: What About the People?

A white paper on organisational resilience from A&DC.
Dowload the pdf
Test your own resilience quotient with business psychologists Nicholson McBride

Hidden talents: young people and volunteering, a way forward

A joint paper between the Local Government Association and
Volunteering England. Published Nov 2010.
Download the pdf

A Passion for Excellence - one year on

Download the pdf
See page nine for reference to the Leading Learning programme.

Our Cultural revolution

Our Cultural Revolution, incorporating South Tyneside Council’s People Management Strategy and Workforce Development Plan.
Download the pdf

Towards an Excellent Service
PDF download: A Performance Management Framework for Cultural Services
Download the pdf


Leading Learning Year 7 report now available
The summative evaluation report of year seven of the LLP can now be downloaded as a pdf via the news page.

Resilience support now available
The NLCF Leading Learning Programme has developed a package of specialist in-house learning, development and improvement support. This support has been specifically created to help leaders, teams and partnerships within the culture, leisure and sport sector to develop enhanced workplace resilience.

Master Class Series: workplace resilience

A new Leading Learning Programme Master Class Series will focus on the subject of workplace resilience.  These four interactive one-day work shops will enable leaders to survive the unprecedented challenges that the sport, leisure and culture sector is currently facing; and even to thrive in this environment!

Rate your own workplace resilience
Try the free Workplace Resilience Diagnostic Exercise to help you assess your requirements for training and support. Download the tool now.


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