Leading Learning Master Class Series 2016

Workplace resilience


“The future depends on what we do in the present.” (Gandhi)

We are delighted to announce that, following much feedback and research, we have launched a new Master Class Series on what has become one of the most critical subjects within the culture, leisure and sport sector: workplace resilience.

Delivered by Steve Wood and Graham Wyles in their uniquely engaging, innovative and powerful style, this series of one-day workshops will help you to act differently now, enabling you to survive and thrive in the future within your demanding working environment.

So what actually is workplace resilience?....

Workplace resilience is the ability to respond to the various challenges of the workplace in a way which enables you to flourish, at the same time helping your colleagues and the organisation achieve positive outcomes

The challenges

You all know the challenge: you are being asked to achieve much more with decreasing funding and this looks set to continue into the future.  Our organisations seem to be in a constant state of upheaval as society, the economy and the nature of work are changing all around us.

This environment creates unprecedented challenges for culture, leisure and sport sector leaders, challenges which, if not managed carefully, can have a significant long-term impact on people’s health and wellbeing as well as their effectiveness in the workplace.

The solutions

Our research and hands-on experience tells us that Seven Skill Sets enable leaders to achieve resilience in the modern workplace.  All of you will have some of these skills sets and use them for some of the time.  This series of one-day workshops will enable you to develop your skills and use them when it really matters to enhance your long-term workplace resilience.

The programme

This Master Class Series comprises four interactive one-day workshops, which relate to the Seven Skills Sets of Workplace Resilience.

These workshops are focused on you (rather than your organisation’s processes or other people’s leadership style!).  They are designed to enable you to develop tangible new skills and change your habitual behaviour relating to workplace resilience (there is hardly any listening to theory or watching of Powerpoint!).  We also hope that you will use your knowledge to influence the behaviours of your peers.

Our commitment is to do whatever we can to ensure you come away from each workshop doing at least one thing better!

You can attend any or all of these workshops depending upon your needs.

A discount is available for those who book all four workshops.

Workplace Resilience Self-Awareness Exercise

To help you to work out what you need to be focusing on and what support you need download our free Workplace Resilience Diagnostic Exercise.

People tell us that this exercise is extremely valuable in helping them to move forward even before they attend any workshops.

Download the free Workplace Resilience Diagnostic Exercise
[Excel file; you may have to enable editing to view ]

The Workshops

Master Class One
Workplace resilience: planning the changes

Attending this workshop will develop your insight to workplace resilience and trigger a change in you.

We will discuss the meaning of workplace resilience and give you a taster of the Seven Skills Sets, including personal goal setting, relaxation, developing a healthy and balanced lifestyle, the fascinating technique of mindfulness and a way of prioritising your work.

During the workshop we will coach you to plan and implement changes which will make a difference to your long-term workplace resilience.  You will complete the workshop with a commitment to start, stop, refine and continue your resilience skills and behaviours.

Master Class Two
Managing your states

This master class will help you to develop and maintain the optimum mental and emotional state to deal with the challenges of the modern workplace, including: maintaining and growing self-confidence; recognising and dealing with stress, worry and anxiety; maintaining perspective and humour; and “going easy on yourself”.

It includes the following fascinating and powerful techniques drawn from leading-edge cognitive and behavioural psychology and neuro-science:

Master Class Three
Managing the flood

The trouble with traditional time management methods in the modern day workplace is that they don’t really work.  Regardless of how well we plan our diaries and manage our desks, we still have too much to do and not enough time to do it.  This workshop gives you a different approach, focusing on:

Master Class Four
Managing “problems”

Have you ever wondered why we are faced with so many “problems” in the workplace? And why so many of them seem to have happened before?!

We end up running around trying to overcome many little and big problems, only for them to come back at a later date or in a different part of the organisation, a little like playing a giant game of ‘whack-a-mole’!

At best this causes lots of additional work for us just when we don’t need it. At worst it is the root of significant stress.  The ability to solve problems well is a key part of workplace resilience.

This workshop will give you practical tools, techniques and skills to enable you to solve "problems" creatively so that they don’t have to be solved again!  You will come away with:

How can I book?

Simply email the Programme Director to secure your place.

Master Class One – Workplace resilience: planning the changes
Wednesday 23 June, London

Master Class Two – Managing your states
Thursday 28 September, London

Master Class Three – Managing the flood
Wednesday 2 November, London

Master Class Four – Managing “problems”
Wednesday 30 November, London



Non-LLP alumni
£200 per course or discount rate of £650 for whole series
LLP alumni
£150 per course or discount rate of £450 for whole series

The Master Class facilitators: Steve Wood and Graham Wyles

Steve and Graham are known to many throughout the culture, leisure and sport sector for creating and delivering unique learning, development and improvement interventions, comprising a fusion of coaching, psychology, business excellence, theatre and improvisation, and knowledge of best practice from many years of experience and research.

The Leading Learning Programme Master Class Series is presented in association with STAR, a not-for-profit community interest company dedicated to driving resilience and excellence in the culture, leisure and sport sector through self-driven and peer-supported improvement programmes.


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Leading Learning Year 7 report now available
The summative evaluation report of year seven of the LLP can now be downloaded as a pdf via the news page.

Resilience support now available
The NLCF Leading Learning Programme has developed a package of specialist in-house learning, development and improvement support. This support has been specifically created to help leaders, teams and partnerships within the culture, leisure and sport sector to develop enhanced workplace resilience.

Master Class Series: workplace resilience

A new Leading Learning Programme Master Class Series will focus on the subject of workplace resilience.  These four interactive one-day work shops will enable leaders to survive the unprecedented challenges that the sport, leisure and culture sector is currently facing; and even to thrive in this environment!

Rate your own workplace resilience
Try the free Workplace Resilience Diagnostic Exercise to help you assess your requirements for training and support. Download the tool now.